How it works?We will order a routine lab tests before the surgery starts.
Online Consultation with our Specialist

We are providing FREE online Medical Consultation for our patients (call, text or video call), so that you can talk with our doctors in detail before coming to our hospitals.

Personalised Medical Proposal

After the online consultation, our team is going to prepare a personalised Medical Treatment Plan for you, listing all treatments that need to be done (with their respective prices) and explaining all the procedures that need to be followed if you accept our proposal.

Medical Trip Preparation

If you accept our proposal for your treatment, the next step would be to start thinking of the period when it would be convenient for you to come in Istanbul, so we can check the availability of our surgeons and you can arrange your flight tickets accordingly.

Translation Service

We give translation services by our assistants in the progress of contacting with the team who will treat you, transfer and accommodate you. Translatorship services is given to you 7 days 24 hours at contractual health institutions.

VIP Transfer

You will be met at the airport by our assistant who is assigned to you on the day and hour we have specified. You will be accompanied to your hotel place with a luxurious Vito vehicle.

Total Check-Up

This check-up includes doctor consultation in accordance with the several tests and examinations to determine and show the current status of your health. It can be considered as a full health screening. You’ll get head-to-toe examinations with a full range of testing options, as well as specific investigations for diabetes, blood pressure, hormone levels, etc.

Pre-operation Examinations

We will order a routine lab tests before the surgery starts. The tests help find possible problems that might complicate surgery if not found and treated early.

Medications & Medical Kit

We will provide you all the postoperation medications for free as well, so that you will not need to worry on where to buy them, even if no one is not accompanying you. Together with the medicines we will also give you a bag containing a post-op pressure garment and other stuff you might need after surgery when you get back to your home town.

Postoperative online support

We will be in touch for everything that you might need, for any concern or question that you might have, when you get back to your country in accordance with your surgery warranty as well.

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