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We provide our patients with the health support they need by using our air ambulance services, which have been approved by the Ministry of Health. Our private aircraft, which are equipped with all the medical supplies needed for the intervention, are staffed by medical professionals who closely monitor our patients. After the flight, our patients are driven in ready-to-go ambulances to full-service hospitals.

Air ambulances are transport vehicles with advanced medical technology and skilled medical staff. In an emergency, air ambulance services can be utilized to remove patients from inaccessible locations and to quickly give medical treatment to patients. By evaluating the urgency of the need and the scope of the health problems experienced, applying to the air ambulance service can help to hold on to life.

In a series of scenarios, such as the capacity of intensive care units being full, the need for organ transplantation, and the loss of limbs as a result of major accidents, patients can be intervened by air ambulance.

Air ambulance services have been diversified in line with the needs. It may be possible to transfer from hospitals to the airport in the company of medical teams, to provide access to the destination from the airport by air ambulance, to reach the target hospital by ambulances from the airport.

Air ambulances are also preferred to reach patients in need of medical support in areas where road access is not possible.

Within the scope of air ambulance services, patient transfer from abroad is also carried out by plane. It is known that if patients are in different countries for vacation or business purposes and have health problems, they generally prefer to continue their treatment in their country. The desire to receive health services in their own countries and the abundance of areas that can be accessed by air ambulance increase the importance of medical transport services by plane.

Today, there is a significant increase in medical transportation opportunities by plane. With the increase in the value given to human life and the structuring in the health sector, medical transport can be done both by ambulance plane and passenger plane. In order for medical transport to be carried out by passenger aircraft, the health status of the patients must be stable and they must not feel the need for emergency intervention during the flight process. During the medical transport by passenger plane, specialist health personnel are present next to the patients.

Transfers by air ambulance can be carried out by air ambulances with different technical features, depending on the length of the distance to which the patients will be transported and their health status. Air ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment and are transported by expert personnel. Thus, it is possible to stabilize the health status of patients until they meet with health services in fully equipped hospitals.

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