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Eyelid Aesthetic

It is natural that some changes occur in the lower and upper eyelids due to gravity, aging and environmental factors, but it is a situation that can cause aesthetic discomfort in the person.

A sleepy, old and tired appearance may appear on the face due to the bagging caused by the herniation of excess fat tissue, skin and muscle on the eyelids. In some people, only bagging or excess skin can be seen.

Excess skin on the upper lid can negatively affect visual function in some people. Eyelid aesthetics applied to eliminate such problems not only rejuvenate the eyelids, but also positively affect the general look of the face and contribute to the formation of a youthful appearance.

What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

Eyelid aesthetics, which can be applied to both lower and upper eyelids, is a plastic surgery procedure performed by removing excess muscle tissue and sagging tissues and stretching the skin around the eyes.

With aging, skin elasticity gradually decreases. Excess skin collected on the eyelids is considered the first visible sign of aging. Because the changes in the eyelids can cause a dull, tired and older appearance, eyelid aesthetics is an extremely popular plastic surgery procedure among women and men.

How is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

As part of upper eyelid surgery, also called drooping eyelid surgery, excess skin and muscle tissue in the area are removed. Since the incision is made from the eyelid fold line, there is no surgical scar. If necessary, combining eyelid aesthetics with eyebrow lifting and forehead lift surgery can provide more effective results.

There are fat pads located on the cheekbones, one of the most striking areas of the face. The downward displacement of the fat pads as a result of aging and the effect of gravity causes signs of aging such as collapse under the lower eyelids and deepening of the laugh lines at the rim of the mouth. Before the lower eyelid aesthetic surgery, the fat pads are suspended in place endoscopically, and in some patients, the need for a different procedure may be eliminated after this procedure.

If sagging and bagging do not disappear after this procedure, an incision is made under the eyelashes and the skin is removed. After the fat packs in the area spread to the eye socket, the excess muscle and skin is removed and the procedure is completed. If the collapse under the eye cannot be removed after the lower eyelid aesthetics, the under-eye fat injection procedure can be applied.

Who Undergoes Eyelid Aesthetics Procedures?

Eyelid surgery

  • Reduced vision quality as a result of upper eyelid drooping,
  • Loss of the lid line as a result of sagging eyelids
  • As the upper eyelid's skin sags, it moves closer to the eye's edge.
  • And can be used if the person's eyesight forces them to lift their forehead all the time.
  • The upper eyelid is enlarged more than usual.

Considerations After Eyelid Aesthetics

It is natural to have swelling and bruising around the lower and upper eyelids in the first few days after eyelid aesthetic surgery. Regular ice compresses should be applied on the first day. As the medicines prescribed by the doctor are used regularly, eye drops should be used to protect against dry eyes. Thus, the feeling of stinging and dryness in the eye can be eliminated and the comfort of the patient can be increased.

In the first week following eyelid aesthetic surgery, one should lie with the head up. Extreme fatigue and heavy exercises should be avoided for 3 weeks. Since the sensitivity to wind and sun rays will increase in the first few weeks, the use of sunglasses should not be neglected in outdoor environments.

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