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Face Lift

Since the face is the first area where signs of aging appear, many men and women generally benefit from facelift aesthetics to remove sagging and loosening of the skin that occurs after a certain age. Face lift aesthetics can be applied if the person feels that his face has lost its dynamics and is aging and is uncomfortable with this.

It is not possible to talk about a lower age limit for facelift aesthetics, as this may occur at different ages depending on structural features and genetic factors. Face lift aesthetics can also be used to remove sagging in the facial area of ​​patients who experience dramatic weight loss after bariatric surgery.

What is a Face Lift?

Face lift is the surgical procedure applied to remove wrinkles and sagging in the face area due to aging and other factors, and to make the face look smoother. With a facelift, it is possible to remove sagging and irregularities in the forehead, face and neck skin.

The skin on the face may develop wrinkles and sagging over time as a result of things like aging, alcohol, sunlight, stress, smoking, and malnutrition. As a result, eyelids droop, deep lines appear around the mouth and nose, eyebrows fall, under-eye bags and lines appear, the neck area gets fat the chin contour is unclear, and the skin starts to look dull.

Facelift surgery comes to the fore as a result of advanced sagging and structural changes. When there are defects that cannot be eliminated with medical aesthetic applications, a facelift surgery can be planned after a detailed examination of the patients.

How is Face Lift Performed?

Face lift can be applied with different techniques. At the beginning of the most applied techniques in face lift aesthetics would be; Classic subcutaneous facelift, mini face lift, face lift with SMAS flap, subcutaneous facelift and deep plan composite facelift with SMAS plication.

The duration of facelift aesthetics and the anesthesia to be applied may vary depending on the technique determined for the patient and the scope of the procedure. After removing the excess skin on the patient's face, the facial muscles under the skin are reshaped. After the lifting process is done, they are fixed to their new places with special stitches. If necessary, fat tissues are placed under the skin to give fullness to the face. Since adipose tissues contain stem cells, it also plays a role in increasing skin elasticity.

If the patient requests and the plastic surgeon approves, face lift can be applied in combination with eyelid aesthetics, thread lifts and other aesthetic surgery procedures. Botox, peeling, dermal filling or fat injection methods can also be used to remove fine wrinkles on the face.

Who Should Get a Facelift?

Despite the fact that facelifts are typically performed on patients over the age of 40, younger patients who have started to sag on their face and neck but whose skin elasticity hasn't yet been lost are also candidates for the procedure. The general health of the patients who will get a facelift shouldn't be a barrier to the procedure.

After-Facelift Considerations

A pain or ache might be noticed in the application area after facelift aesthetics. However, the plastic surgeon's simple painkiller prescriptions can manage this condition. Bruises and swellings caused by the surgical operation in the application area typically go away on their own after a week. Keeping the head lifted at heart level and sleeping in a semi-sitting position are two things that can accelerate the healing process in the early stages.

It is important to use a mask for 24 hours in the first week after facelift aesthetics, in order to fit the facial skin completely and to prevent blood accumulation under the skin. For the next 2 weeks, it is sufficient to wear the mask only at night.

During the healing process, care should be taken to consume plenty of water and to limit the consumption of salty foods. In addition, direct exposure to steam baths, saunas and sunlights should be avoided. Do not go out in the sun without applying sunscreen cream
and do not do heavy exercises.

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