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G Spot Augmentation

G-spot augmentation, which is gaining more and more attention among women, is a procedure aimed at improving women's self-confidence, sensitivity and libido. Women who have difficulty in reaching vaginal orgasm or who want the feeling of orgasm to become more intense begin to have more satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences after increasing the sensitivity of the area with the G-spot augmentation procedure.

What is G Spot Augmentation?

Augmentation of the G spot in women by means of dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid or oil injection is called G spot augmentation. The G spot is a more puffy and fuller area on the anterior wall of the vagina. Orgasm occurs as a result of stimulation of this area by the penis by friction during sexual intercourse. However, over time, the G spot may lose its clarity due to hormonal reasons. In this case, orgasm does not occur because the penis cannot provide sufficient stimulation. G-spot augmentation can be applied to re-shape the G-spot and make it easier for the woman to have an orgasm.

As the penis comes into contact with the G point, which is close to the urethra, during sexual intercourse, the woman begins to enjoy sex more and reaches orgasm more easily.

How is G Spot Enlargement Performed?

G-spot augmentation is performed under local anesthesia. Hyaluronic acid or fat taken from the patient by the liposuction method is injected into the area thought to be the G spot. The process is completed in an average of 5 to 10 minutes. The permanence process of the procedure performed with the injection of adipose tissue is longer than the method in which hyaluronic acid is injected. G-spot growth plays an important role in increasing the frequency and duration of women's orgasm.

However, the location of the G spot may be different in every woman due to differences in anatomical structure. In order for the G-spot augmentation to be beneficial, the injection should be made in the right area for each woman. In addition, the amount of adipose tissue or hyaluronic acid that should be used according to anatomical features may vary from person to person.

Who Can Have G Spot Augmentation?

G-spot enlargement;

  • Unable to enjoy sexual intercourse
  • Unable to orgasm
  • Although they can have an orgasm, it is a procedure that can be applied to women who want to experience a stronger and higher quality orgasm.

Any woman over the age of 18 can have G spot augmentation. However, G spot augmentation cannot be applied to those who are pregnant and breastfeeding, have an allergic body and have developed an allergic reaction to similar products in the previous periods, have unrealistic expectations about the result of the procedure, and have an infection in the application area.

Considerations After G-Spot Augmentation

After the G spot augmentation application, the daily life of the patients is not interrupted and they can have sexual intercourse 6 hours after the procedure. G-spot augmentation is not a procedure that affects women's menstrual cycle and fertility. In addition, G spot augmentation does not prevent using tampons, laser vaginal rejuvenation or different genital aesthetic applications.

How long the result obtained from the G-spot augmentation process will last may vary depending on the characteristics of the injected filler and the skin structure of the person. Since the filler injection will be absorbed by the body after maintaining its permanence in the body for an average of 6 months, the application can be renewed at certain intervals to ensure the continuity of the effect obtained. G-spot filling can also be combined with PRP to increase regional sensitivity.

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