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Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Hair loss can be caused by many different reasons. The most common causes of hair loss, which is one of the common problems of our age, are intense stress and work tempo. Laser hair treatment has the feature of being an effective and reliable treatment applied to prevent hair loss. Laser hair treatment, which is based on the application of laser therapy to the hair area, is a painless method. Laser hair treatment procedures can be used to prevent hair loss and to achieve stronger hair after hair transplantation.

What is Laser Hair Treatment?

To stimulate the weak hair follicles and accelerate blood circulation, laser hair treatment is applied to the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The growth of hair follicles and the thickness of thinning hair are made possible by laser hair treatment. The use of this technique enables the regeneration and stimulation of hair growth in cells that are unable of doing so.

The most of the hair that is targeted during the laser hair treatment period is dull, lifeless hair. In order to stop hair loss, hair that has become older, thinned out, broken, and lost its shine is revitalized.

Laser hair treatment is a method that can be applied alone, or it can be combined with treatments such as hair mesotherapy, hair transplantation, autologous micro-graft. In this case, it is possible to get more effective results in a shorter time.

Laser hair treatment also increases the success of the results from the hair transplant procedure. Laser therapy provides cellular stimulation to the transplanted roots, contributing to better nutrition of hair follicles and increasing the success of hair transplantation.

How is laser treatment performed?

Before beginning the laser treatment procedure, the patient is examined and their hair is analyzed. The frequency and number of sessions are then decided upon by taking into account factors like hair structure and degree of falling. A serum that has the ability to speed up the growth and nutrition of the hair is applied after using a dermapen to create tiny channels on the hair area.

A laser tool is then used to shoot the cells under the scalp that have stopped functioning after the serum has been rubbed into the scalp. In this method, the area's blood circulation is accelerated. In order to increase laser application, dermapen and nourishing serum are crucial.Laser beams penetrate deep into the skin through the opened channels. Thus, it stimulates inactive hair follicles. It triggers protein synthesis and cell regeneration.

Who Can Have Laser Hair Treatment?

Laser hair treatment can be applied to all women and men over the age of 18 whose hair has lost its health and vitality. In addition to being a reliable method, laser hair treatment is considered one of the highest quality hair care applications. As usual, it should be performed by specialist physicians in order to complete the application safely.

How Often Is Laser Hair Treatment Applied?

Laser hair treatment is a method that helps existing hair to become stronger and thicker and to develop new hair follicles. In the initial phase, 20-minute sessions are held twice a week. Although the number and frequency of sessions vary according to the individual, it is possible to obtain visible results in a total of 10 sessions, once a week.

In order to achieve the desired benefit, laser hair treatment is recommended to be applied for at least 6 months. Laser hair treatment, which plays an important role in effective results in women and men, provides painless, safe and comfortable lush and full hair.

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