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Stem Cell and PRP Treatment for Hair

Today, thanks to developing medical technologies and diversified treatment methods, it is possible to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair follicles and achieve healthier hair. PRP, which is based on the injection of platelet-rich plasma obtained as a result of special processes of the blood taken from the person, is also among the effective treatment methods to improve hair health.

PRP treatment can be applied alone or simultaneously with stem cell therapy. With stem cell and PRP treatment, tissue regeneration, tissue blood supply, strengthening of subcutaneous connective tissues, reduction of hair loss, and strengthening of weakened and thinning hair can be possible.

What is the PRP and stem cell treatment?

In a nutshell, stem cells are fundamental cell types that can develop into even the most specialized cell kinds in the human body. A quick repair and healing effect is produced by stem cells. As a result of special processing of the patients' fat tissues, they usually have the effect of repairing hair follicles and encouraging hair growth when injected into the scalp.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP treatment, is a concentration of cytokines and growth factors that encourage hair growth and repair. When stem cells and PRP are used together, the results on hair health can be profound, and the hair follicles can regenerate and repair.

Who is a Good Candidate for Treatment with PRP and Stem Cells?

Hair stem cell and PRP treatment;

  • New onset of hair loss,
  • Not suitable for hair transplanting
  • It can be used on persons whose hair is dull if the donor area for hair transplantation lacks quality roots.

How is Stem Cell and PRP Treatment Done?

Stem cell and PRP treatment is carried out in a clinical setting. The blood taken from the person is centrifuged and the fat tissues are usually taken from the abdomen. Both blood and adipose tissues are purified and made suitable for injection. If PRP and stem cell therapy are performed simultaneously, stem cells are combined with PRP and injected into the scalp.

The total duration of treatment is several hours. Although the frequency of sessions and the number of sessions may vary from person to person, it is recommended to apply two sessions in a period of 3 to 6 months for the most effective results. Since the person's own blood and adipose tissue are used due to the nature of the treatment, the possibility of allergy or rejection of the injected mixture is almost non-existent.

After the treatment, tenderness and mild swelling may occur on the injected scalp. These side effects will pass over time. After the treatment, the head should not be washed with very hot water for the period recommended by the physician.

The effect of stem cell and PRP treatment does not appear immediately. The scalp begins to be repaired from the lower layers, and it usually takes a period of 6 months for the treatment results to appear clearly. Since the scalp enters a natural healing and repair process, the thickening and growth of the hair are noticed over time. It is known that stem cell and PRP treatment performed by specialist physicians on selected patients is considered an effective alternative to hair transplant surgery.

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