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Hybrid Prosthesis

Dental prostheses, or artificial appliances, are used to replace lost or damaged natural teeth or to restore teeth in situations where they are damaged, unattractive, or dysfunctional. The patient's ability to chew is thereby restored.

There are two types of prostheses: fixed and mobile. Fixed prostheses are considered as non-removable dental restorations such crowns, bridges, and implants. Only dentists are permitted to remove permanent dentures.

What exactly are hybrid prostheses?

A hybrid prosthesis, often known as an implant-supported prosthesis, is a particular form of prosthesis supported by dental implants. The goal of the implant-supported prosthesis is to restore function and appearance as much as possible by fixing a prosthetic structure with implants that have already been inserted into the maxillary bones.

When a hybrid prosthesis is applied to patients with full or partial missing teeth, patients will have teeth that both fully perform their functions and look good aesthetically.

How is Hybrid Prosthesis Made?

In hybrid prostheses supported by dental implants, only four implant support mechanisms act as the upper or lower tooth set and a new set of teeth can be placed in this way. In this context, posterior implants are placed in the anterior maxilla, where the bone density is higher in the jaw, at an angle of 45 degrees towards the back of the mouth. Thanks to the 4 implants placed, it is possible to support a fixed prosthesis with 10 to 14 teeth.

During the hybrid prosthesis production phase, first measurements are taken from the patient, temporary prostheses are prepared according to these measurements, and if tooth extraction is required, the extraction process is completed. After the implants are placed, measurements are taken on the implants and temporary prostheses are applied to the implants. It is a system that allows the patient to make implants and prostheses on the same day without the need for further surgical procedures.

To Whom Is Hybrid Prosthesis Applied?

Hybrid dentures can be used not only in complete missing teeth, but also in partial tooth missing.
In the treatment of bone and soft tissues of patients with moderate and advanced bone resorption, in edentulous crests where too much bone loss is experienced due to tumoral resection, in the treatment of irregular alveolar bone resorption, hybrid prosthesis can be used in cases where maxillary lip support is needed.
When deciding to make a hybrid prosthesis; lip support, lower jaw lip line in speech and the high smile line on the upper jaw are evaluated.

Hybrid prosthesis benefits

A hybrid denture can function up to 90% as effectively as a natural mouth, unlike a complete or removable conventional denture. Since restorations on implants are more solid, masticatory muscles and those that affect facial expression are unaffected, which eliminates the potential of any phonetic changes. With implant supported prostheses, it is possible to obtain excellent facial morphology and appearance in all anatomical planes and teeth that look and feel much like natural teeth.

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