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Lamina Veneer

Lamina veneer is also an abrasive dentistry applied to another home aphid practice. In the laminate veneer method, in which the teeth are covered with leaf porcelain, yellowed, broken and stained teeth are repaired, and a small and perfect tooth with a natural whiteness is possible.

What is Lamina Coating?

Lamina veneer is a method that can be applied by sticking thin porcelain leaflet ceramics to the front surfaces of the teeth that come into contact with the lips and cheeks. Thanks to the new appearance with the very thin coating, the bad appearance of the anterior appearance of the teeth is removed. The patient will have much better and natural looking teeth.

Lamina veneer treatment is completed in 2 to 3 sessions if a new treatment treatment or a design of care is to be completed. past teeth can be reviewed.

How is Lamina Veneer Made?

For patients who will have lamina veer applied, the office is not dressed. The lives that are suitable for treatment are planned. From the preliminary design of the laminated teeth to the material to be dressed.

For the use of the local instrument, the bur is used to prepare a suitable small piece with the lamina in the anterior part of the teeth. It is the measure of the teeth using a special cup in the person's mouth. Considering the dimensions inside the mold, coating production is made for 5-6 days.

These designs may be a minor thing in the laminate in the design section. Lamina for use and permanent lamina veneer are completed with teeth.

Who is Lamina Coating Applied to?

Lamina veneer is applied to those who express their preferences for aesthetic problems in the front. Lamina veneer method can also be applied to people whose teeth are discolored due to various heights and these discolorations cannot be removed with applications.

How to choose the spacing of their teeth, such as a small region, to review their teeth, their unpleasant and unhealthy education with their anterior appearance, and how to choose the foregrounds of their short teeth, how they will be or how they will be. or how they will be is a choice where they can choose the foreground of short teeth. The laminate coating method can be an effective solution.

Laminate Coating Advantages

The lamina, which is a conservative dental treatment, is corrected with a veneer, and hot and cold, which is possible in reality, is abraded in order to create a minimal imagination on the tooth to be made. Another program would be the natural and large version of the program.

Porcelain, which is a foreground material, is not used in lamina veneer care, as it is protected against discolored velars. The coffee house, and the country that causes discoloration on the teeth, and the consumption of cigarettes do not change the coatings. In this way, color options or coatings that can be dissolved in use can be used for many years.

Since the chewing life of the teeth is not touched in the treatment of lamina veneers, there is no question of the design of the structures of the teeth and the dentition.

Preferred patients of the treatment, the acclimatization time is short. Although porcelain is a good material together, it reaches the highest level of tension and attachment point with its connection with tooth enamel as a connection.

In the production of laminate veneer, a model can be shown and taken ready to be made before any operation on the tooth.

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