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Lip Filler

One of the most remarkable features of the face and a sign of attractiveness are the lips. Dermal filler injections can help you achieve more voluminous, symmetrical, appealing, and feminine-looking lips that complement your face shape. In addition, doctors with the necessary training and ability in this area may do lip augmentation, which also adds volume to the lips, and achieve effective, natural-looking results.

How does lip filler work?

Lip augmentation is a medical cosmetic surgery used to improve the aesthetic look of the lips and to make the lower and upper lips compatible and proportionate.

Hyaluronic acid-containing dermal filler is injected to fill in the lips. The duration of the lip filler's effect, which lasts for 6 to 12 months, may vary according to the amount injected, the person's structural characteristics, the condition of the lips at the time, the choices of the brand, and environmental circumstances.

For those who are uncomfortable with the size, shape, or deformities of their lips, lip augmentation is one of the most successful procedures. With lip augmentation injections, the area surrounding the lips as well as the lips that lost volume with age can seem more dynamic, vibrant, and youthful. It is now possible to have lips that look significantly more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the lip augmentation injection, which is planned for the individual and applied with the correct procedures. The attractiveness of a smile is also improved by removing lip deformities. The hyaluronic acid in the dermal filler gives the lips a youthful appearance by making them appear nicer, healthier, and fuller.

How is Lip Filler applied?

Lip augmentation injection should be done in accordance with the needs and expectations of the person and at the same time providing a natural appearance. For this reason, first of all, injection points are determined for the patient.

There are many nerve endings in the lips due to their structural features. Therefore, the application area is anesthetized with local anesthesia so that no pain is felt during the injection. In this way, it is aimed to increase the comfort of the patient during the procedure. After the numbing effect is achieved, dermal filler is injected into the predetermined areas via fine-tipped needles or cannulas.

For lip augmentation injections, achieving a natural look should be the main consideration. It is important to take precautions to prevent the filler from giving the face or profile an inflated and artificial look. The technique should be planned individually for the patient in order to achieve this.

Who Is Lip Filling Done For?

Lip filler;

  • Eliminating the problems that appear on the edge of the lips due to aging,
  • Adding volume to the lips,
  • Shaping the lip structure,
  • It can be applied to people who need to remove the symmetrical structure on the lips.

Considerations After Lip Filling

It is considered a natural condition that bruising and swelling occur in the application area after lip filler injection. In order to minimize possible bruising and swelling, it may be beneficial to apply cold compresses to the area for fifteen minutes every two hours after the injection.

It is recommended not to use the lips too much for the first few hours following the lip augmentation injection. It is recommended to follow a diet consisting of soft foods on the day of lip augmentation, avoid hot environments such as sauna and hammam, be careful not to be exposed to sunlight, and avoid heavy sports activities.

In order to reduce the risk of an infection after lip filler injection, one should not go to the sea or pool for the first week. If lumps the size of chickpeas occur in the application area after lip augmentation injection, these lumps should be gently massaged twice a day and the doctor performing the application should be informed.

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