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Youth Vaccine

For healthy skin, regular skin care is crucial. However, many people struggle to find the time for regular skin care due to the demands of daily life. The youth vaccination could get rid of this deficiency's negative effects on the skin.

Due to its simplicity of use, quick results, minimum of recovery period, and advantages, youth vaccination is one of the most widely used medical aesthetic treatments today. With a very rich content, the skin-rejuvenation cocktail known as "youth vaccine" offers remarkable effects.

The youth vaccine, which provides the opportunity to eliminate the deficiencies that occur in the skin as a result of aging, by injecting the building blocks such as minerals, amino acids, peptides, and vitamins directly under the skin, meets the needs of the skin and contributes to its elastic, lively and youthful appearance.

What is Youth Vaccine?

Youth vaccination is a medical aesthetic procedure applied by injection to remove wrinkles and sagging on the skin due to aging, genetic factors and other environmental factors. The loss of collagen in the skin over time causes sagging and loosening of the skin. With the youth vaccine, the skin is restored to its ideal brightness and moisture level. By triggering collagen production, the skin is treated and signs of aging are reduced.

How is the youth vaccine processed?

The application area is cleansed prior to the injection of the youth vaccination. Then, a cream having a local anesthetic effect is applied to the application area, and it is then waited to have an impact. Injections are made at 1-cm intervals into the area where the youth vaccination is to be applied while the skin is still numb.

The components in the youth vaccine do not cause the development of an allergic reaction. With the injection, the skin gains volume, brightness and vitality, that is, the structuring process begins, but it takes about 15 days for the effects to become visible.

As a successful anti-aging technique that effectively eliminates the effects and signs of aging, youth vaccination, as a medical aesthetic process that can be used on both men and women, has a key role at the point of having skin that is more vibrant and younger-looking.

Who Is The Youth Vaccine For?

There is no age limit for youth vaccination. Basically, the youth vaccine can be given to women and men who want to have a more vibrant, bright and youthful-looking skin. Since the loss of moisture in the skin usually begins to become evident with the age of 30, the youth vaccine application is mostly preferred by individuals over the age of 30.

How many sessions of the youth vaccine will be applied is determined individually by evaluating factors such as the degree of loss of elasticity and signs of aging in the skin, skin structure, need for treatment and expectations.

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