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The penis is the male reproductive organ that reaches its full permanent size during puberty.It also has the ability to evacuate urine in addition to its sexual function.

There are multiple anatomical structures in the penis. The anatomical components of the penis are the urethra, corpus carvenosum, glans, and corpus spongiosum. The mucous membrane, a pink and wet tissue, covers the head of the penis. The mucosal membrane dries up in circumcised men. Corpus cavernosum are the tissues located on both sides of the penis.

The blood filled into these tissues allows the formation of an erection. Corpus spongiosum, on the other hand, are sponge-like tissues located in front of the penis and at the end of the glans. These tissues also fill with blood during erection and keep the urethra open. Finally, the urethra is a tube that runs through the corpus spongiosum. It allows the urine to be let out.

Peyronie Excision

Peyronie's can be defined as a disease that occurs with aging and causes the penis to curve. Peyronie's often occurs as a result of traumas during sexual intercourse. Penile curvature occurs as a result of plaques that occur on, near or under the body of the penis.

At first, Peyronie's does not show many symptoms, but as it progresses, it can lead to physical and mental problems. Peyronie's excision is the process of removing the plaque that causes the curvature. It is especially preferred in cases where the curvature is serious. Artificial patches made from various body components or biocompatible materials are placed during the Peyronie's excision procedure.

Penis Prosthesis

Today, erection problems affect the sexual health of many men negatively. Moreover, the erection problem can be seen due to many reasons. Approximately 52% of men over the age of 40 experience erectile dysfunction. Approximately 52% of men over the age of 40 experience erectile dysfunction. Penile prosthesis is one of the effective erectile dysfunction treatment methods.

One of the curious points about penile prosthesis is whether or not to have children. Penile prosthesis has no effect on semination. The semination health or sperm characteristics of the patients will be similar after the prosthesis as it was before the prosthesis. Patients with penile prosthesis are discharged after approximately 1 day. Following surgery, patients must avoid from sexual activity for four to eight weeks. Each patient's recovery time will be different.

Penis Plication

Penile plication is one of the methods used in the treatment of congenital penile curvature. The curvature is eliminated during the plication procedure by stretching the area on the opposite side of the curve with stitches. Through a little cut on the side of the penis, these stitches can be inserted. Penile plication is a treatment method that takes immediate effect from penile curvature conditions.

After the penile plication procedure, patients are usually discharged on the same day. A bandage is wrapped around the penis to prevent swelling. Within the first 24 hours, this bandage shouldn't be taken off. Sensitivity, color change, or swelling in the area after the operation are all normal side effects. These symptoms disappear on their own in approximately 1 - 2 weeks.

Hypospadias Repair

Hypospadias repair is the treatment performed when the congenital opening at the tip of the penis is in the wrong position. Under normal conditions, the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body, should end at the tip of the penis. However, in some cases, it can be seen under the penis.

The opening of the urethra in the middle of the lower part of the penis and into or behind the scrotum indicates that the situation is more serious. Hypospadias repair is usually performed on 6-month-old and 2-year-old children. After the procedure, patients are discharged on the same day. It is very rare for a child to stay in the hospital overnight after surgery. Children born with hypospadias should not be circumcised after birth. Because the foreskin can be used in the treatment of hypospadias repair. Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the child does not feel anything.

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